Top Yemeni Salafi cleric killed in Aden

Smoke rises after Saudi-led airstrikes hit a site in Sanaa, Yemen, Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016. Airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition targeting Yemen's Shiite rebels killed over 32 people overnight including at least eight civilians in the capital, Sanaa, officials said on Saturday. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)SANAA, Yemen (AP) — The lifeless body of Yemen’s top Salafi cleric in the southern port city of Aden was found disfigured on Sunday hours after he was abducted following an anti-extremism sermon, security officials told The Associated Press.

France wants to end C.Africa military operation this year: minister

French soldiers patrol Yaloke in 2014 as part of the 'Operation Sangaris' peacekeeping mission to the Central Africa RepublicFrance said Sunday its stretched military would pull out of the troubled Central African Republic as it fights on multiple foreign fronts and is increasingly called on for anti-terror operations at home. Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told French media on Sunday that the government was aiming to wind down Operation Sangaris, the military operation it launched in CAR in December 2013 at a time when thousands were dying in brutal ethnic violence. “The aim is to bring Operation Sangaris to a halt.

Gulf tourist influx to Bosnia fuels luxury developments

A picture taken on January 19, 2016 shows several houses under construction in Sarajevo's suburban area of BlazujWith 360 villas and apartments around an artificial lake, swimming pools, a halal supermarket and a Muslim prayer area, the ‘Sarajevo resort’ is one of Bosnia’s most ambitious residential projects to date. It is one of dozens of real estate ventures in the picturesque hills surrounding the capital of the Balkan country that are specifically targeting visitors from Gulf states. “People from the Gulf are attracted by the natural beauty, the presence of Islam and the warmth of Bosnians,” said Tarek Al Khaja, Emirati co-owner of tourist and real estate agency Al Suwaidi and Al Khaja.

Kerry urges Syrian peace talks to continue despite attack

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry appealed on Sunday to both sides to continue Syrian peace talks in Geneva despite an attack by Islamic State bombers that killed more than 60 people near the country’s holiest Shi’ite shrine. Kerry said the conflict could easily engulf the Middle East if no negotiated settlement was achieved. He also called for immediate steps to increase food aid and other humanitarian assistance to Syrians. “In the end there is no military solution to the conflict,” Kerry said in a televised statement. …

التفاصيل الكاملة لتحقيقات تفجير مسجد "قوات الطوارئ".. والداخلية السعودية: مكافآت تصل إلى 7 ملايين ريال

أعلنت وزارة الداخلية السعودية، الأحد، تفاصيل التحقيقات في تفجير مسجد قيادة قوات الطوارئ في منطقة عسير، الذي وقع في 6 أغسطس/ آب الماضي، وأسفر عن مقتل 15 شخصا بينهم 11 من قوات الأمن.