Joggers and cyclists rule Cairo's streets at weekends

An increasing number of Cairenes are taking to the streets to practice sports and socialiseOn a Friday morning in Cairo, Ahmed Shazly stopped a few cars to allow some 3,000 joggers to cross a near-deserted road in the normally gridlocked metropolis. Streets that during the week are snarled with exhaust-spewing cars turn almost silent on weekend mornings — Fridays and Saturdays in Egypt — as most shops and businesses are closed. Sport in Egypt used to be mainly practised in clubs reserved for the elite.

Australia to widen scope of targets in IS air war

Australia raised the terror threat alert level to high in September 2014Australia is to start targeting jihadist support and logistics resources in Iraq and Syria, as it broadens the scope of its air war on the Islamic State group, officials said Thursday. The staunch US ally has some 780 defence personnel in the Middle East supporting its operation against IS and has been active in Iraq for months. Many are based in Iraq with 400 attached to the Air Task Group flying six F/A-18 Hornets on bombing missions.