Big ask: North Korea’s Kim answers first questions from foreign journalists

Big ask: North Korea's Kim answers first questions from foreign journalistsIn an unexpected first, Kim spoke to foreign journalists on Thursday during a photo opportunity in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi. “I won’t make a premature judgment, but my sense is that there will be good results,” Kim said of his meeting with Trump, in response to a question from Washington Post reporter David Nakamura. While Kim’s optimism was misplaced, it marked the first time the North Korean leader has ever answer a question from a foreign journalist, and there was more to come.

US seeks vote on UN resolution to allow aid into Venezuela

US seeks vote on UN resolution to allow aid into VenezuelaUNITED NATIONS (AP) — U.S. envoy Elliott Abrams said Tuesday the Trump administration will seek a U.N. Security Council vote this week on a resolution calling for Venezuela’s government to let in humanitarian aid and to hold free elections, and then sparred with Russia over possible U.S. military intervention in the politically divided country.

Stick to Marx not ‘ghosts and spirits’, China warns party members

Stick to Marx not 'ghosts and spirits', China warns party membersChina’s ruling Communist Party warned party members on Wednesday to stick to Marx and Lenin and not believe in “ghosts and spirits”, in the latest effort to root out superstitious practices. China officially guarantees freedom of religion for major belief systems like Christianity, Buddhism and Islam, but party members are meant to be atheists and are especially banned from participating in what China calls superstitious practices like visiting soothsayers. There have been numerous scandals in recent years where senior party members have been accused of involvement in superstition.