A Visit to Dr Yousef Marafie @bayandental !


So how can I start this .. let’s just say Bayan Dental clinic is now my second home .. Yes .. got teeth problems ! :P   I kind of blame it on so many things to be fair !

1- Im a candy girl and I just love SUGAR TOO MUCH !

2- Baby Yousef and Pregnancy + hormones sucked my health and teeth immunity out of me! , not to mention by SWOLLEN + BLEEDING  GYMS while I was pregnant !

3- Previous Dentists not doing their job well ( which gets me so upset and makes me want to kill someone ) if you don’t know what your doing stop playing around with other peoples teeth !


so I can either do 2 things ..

1- ignore it like what most Kuwaiti’s are doing now especially MEN which is sad , they only tend to go to the dentist when it’s too late and they scream from pain or they have the ultimate level of a tooth infection . PLEASE GO TO THE DENTIST EVERY 6 MONTHS PEOPLE.

2-  Go to the dentist for check ups , or if you see something is not right .. Cavity pains.. Painless cavities .. gum color change , yellow dull teeth .. bad fillings ,  I also encourage you get your smile fixed if you feel insecure about it even if you have the healthiest teeth .. a confidence breaker can mess up your mind and life !

I went with  number 2 !


So I decided to visit Dr Marafie  at Bayan Dental Egaila Branch after I heard good things about him and how much he communicates with people, give advise or answer questions on his instagram and other social media channels encouraged me to book my appointment.

I told him about how my gums got swollen all of a sudden during pregnancy , and if I can have any procedure done during  me being pregnant .. he could have told me yes why not .. but He advised me to wait until delivery since my gums were infected .. after his advise I grew tremendous trust towards him and instantly said he is going to be my dentist,  he gave me a quick check up and told me I had some hidden cavities under my fillings ( it could have been that my previous doctor didn’t clean all the cavities I had ( BUMMER)  I really didn’t know , was very disappointed  but I stayed optimistic and wanted  to clean them up and get them fixed before it’s too late and  then ending up being a catastrophe !


He also changes lives by giving them a better looking smile .. either by Dental Veneers, Lumineers , teeth bridges  or using Zoom tooth whitening ! One Word .. ” HOLLYWOOD”

You should check his instagram for some before and after cases .. you will be amazed !

So if your insecure about your smile , hide it because you don’t love it , don’t want people to see it and want nothing to do with it  he’s your man .. brides to be that has bad teeth .. please please please  go to him before your big day ..  trust me you will walk down that aisle a whole new person.


This for sure will not be my last visit to him and I do recommend you guys to get your teeth checked with him because he’s straight .. when he sees a deep filling that cannot be renewed he’ll tell you to get a root canal .. if you really do have a cavity , bad gums that need to be cured he will tell you instead of going and getting unnecessary treatments done then you still get your pain and need to get the same tooth fixed again but with more costly treatments .. he basically will not let you pay double  and fixes your problem the first time  !

One more thing I’m a perfectionist and that sometimes can be annoying  but he put up with me , that shows how patient he is t with his patients and advises them not to worry , so you won’t leave his clinic disappointed. Got to warn you though treatments require patients to get better results .. it can last forever but you will be happy in the end.

(I got to give a hands down to my lovely Rama from Bayan Dental because I was constantly worried  , she always calmed me down and assured me that everything will be ok , I LOVE YOU Pretty little thing ! :*)

Don’t go to a dentist until your 100% sure know he’s giving you the right treatment .. I ended up paying from previous dentists mistakes .. I really don’t want to see anyone go through that honestly !


Thank you Dr Yousef  ! ;)

You can follow him on

Instagram , twitter and Keek  on @drymarafie




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