Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co introduces new Infiniti Q50 to Kuwait

infinitiKUWAIT: In a press conference held at Infiniti showroom, Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co the sole distributer of Infiniti brand in Kuwait, unveiled the Infiniti’s latest addition to its array of luxury automobiles in the Kuwait market, Infiniti Q50. The attendees from Al- Babtain Group senior management included Saleh Al-Babtain the Chief Executive Officer, Nasser Al-Babtain the Group Board Member, Mohamed Shalaby Chief Operating Officer , as well as CEO Nissan Gulf Nasser Wattar, Director of Sales and Marketing Nissan Gulf Cameron Gowing, and Sam Kabbani Nissan Gulf Sales and Marketing Senior Manager. Moreover, the conference witnessed a remarkable attendance by key media and press representatives in Kuwait in addition to the Infiniti Red Bull Formula1 team who were to perform their show in the streets of Kuwait which was sponsored by Al-Babtain Group.

During his speech, Mohammad Shalaby welcomed the attendees from media and Infiniti Redbull. As he went further on, Shalaby expressed his delight for inaugurating the new all-modern technologies equipped Infiniti Q50 which excels more than any other vehicle in terms of integrated means of communication letting its owner step into a mobile smart phone once he gets into his seat. Shalaby concluded his speech by wishing the attendees to enjoy the rest of the event. All-new Infiniti Q50 is designed for a new generation of young, premium customers seeking Infiniti’s unique fusion of inspired performance and hospitality. Offering all that people like best about smart phones and tablet computers, the Infiniti Q50 takes staying in touch while on the move to a new level of convenience.

Whether emailing, phoning, browsing or Tweeting, the new-generation system offers a wide range of apps and delivers seamless connectivity with a user interface that any tablet owner will find second nature to master. Called Infiniti In Touch(tm) the core system (excluding navigation function but including dual touch-screens) is standard on every Q50. Infiniti In Touch(tm) is as intuitive to use as an iPad and as functional as the latest Smartphone, seamlessly integrating on-board hardware with off-board services using the driver’s Smartphone as the portal. Options for operating the system include not just the dual touchscreens but also enhanced voice recognition, a central console commander, and steering wheel switches. Favorite apps – Facebook, Twitter, news, sport, travel, and weather for example – from a phone can be loaded into In Touch so they are safely available to use while driving. Infiniti has set up its own app store, App Garage, where Q50 owners can choose from a wide variety of applications, with more becoming available all the time.

Every aspect of the system is upgradeable, so the Q50 owner will be able to benefit from the latest software and apps. Central to In Touch are the dual touch-screens on the centre console, leading to a significant decluttering of dashboard buttons. Importantly, however, physical buttons for basic climate control and radio functions are retained. The top screen is 8-inches and would normally show a map (on models with navigation) along with all other basic vehicle functions such as HVAC and radio. There are six preloaded apps, located on the lower 7-inch VGA screen: Inbox, Calendar, Clock, Compass, Driving Performance (for dynamic analyses that include g-force and fuel flow) and Maintenance Note (everything from tyre pressures to the car’s complete service history). Calendar and the email Inbox are the only apps that rely on connectivity with a phone – so the driver who forgets his or her phone will still always be able to use all other functions.

Calendar is Google only, with other versions to be added later, while Inbox is preconfigured for Gmail, Hotmail and Yellmail but will work with most other platforms (note: not Microsoft Exchange). The lower, 7-inch screen displays controls for the car’s ancillary systems, such as climate control and music, along with apps loaded from a smartphone or Infiniti’s app store, App Garage. Infiniti is ensuring that only apps appropriate for in-vehicle use are able to be loaded. No advertising is permitted. Categories of approved apps include social media, news and sports, points of interest (POI), traffic and travel, motoring (including fuel price sites), internet radio, weather, cinema and hotels/restaurants. Infiniti is encouraging developers to come up with new apps that can further enhance the driving/ownership experience, but only apps that are relevant to a person when they are in a car will be allowed. For safety reasons it will not be possible to load apps to play games or watch TV. The apps are optimized to work inside a car with the emphasis on a clear and simple user interface, so they may display differently in the car and not all functions from the phone app may be available. To get started all a new Q50 owner has to do is download the free Infiniti In Touch(tm) companion app to synchronies Q50 with Smartphone.

Once paired, the owner can then select more apps. There will be no charges for apps or accessing content (over and above normal phone service provider charges) for the first owner in the first three years of use in the Middle East. After that subscription charges may apply depending on apps loaded and content accessed. The system has been designed to be highly customizable with the screens’ layout, appearance, and content all easily changeable so each Q50 becomes unique to its owner. Both screens respond to finger-flicks to zoom in or scroll through pages, while In Touch(tm) boasts the very latest textto- speech and voice recognition software ensuring highly accurate results. In Touch(tm) recognizes full-sentence voice commands, which are preloaded phrases you can read and use from the settings or access from the steering buttons, negating the need to enter into a tedious question and answer session.

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