Al-Sayer Group holds historic event to mark 60th anniversary

  • Group comprises 18 companies spread across several sectors
  • Al-Sayer second agent to represent Toyota in the world since 1954
  • Won excellence awards, taking group to top 4 in the world for customer care

alsayerKUWAIT: Al-Sayer Group Holding held a historic and amazing event at Al-Raya ballroom on the occasion of the 60th anniversary.  Government officials, ambassadors, media owners/top managers and distinguished guests attended the event.

Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer, CEO of Al-Sayer Group Holding started the event saying: “On behalf of the Chairman of ASG,  Naser Al-Sayer,  and my brothers , ASG Board Members,  I am very pleased  to welcome you all and thank you for being with us on this important occasion.  And a special thanks to Mr Inoue, Chief Executive officer of Asia and Middle East Region, for flying over from Japan to bring the good wishes of Akio Toyoda, President, Toyota Motor Corporation for this event”.

He mentioned that: “The Chairman’s vision for the Company was straightforward and concise: Bring high quality products, and support them with the very best Aftersales Service: Run your business with honesty and integrity : Treat your staff well : Be a good citizen of Kuwait, all of which are the cornerstone of our business ever since to date”.

Mubarak Al-Sayer explained saying: “We are celebrating the 60th Year of the Al-Sayer Group, which began as Mohammed Naser Al-Sayer and Sons in 1954 when, after seeing a picture of a Toyota Land Cruiser in a copy of Reader’s Digest, our current Chairman Naser took the – for those days – unusual step of making the arduous journey to Japan to request the Franchise for Kuwait and the GCC, which was eventually granted.  Naser is recognized as being the person who first introduced Toyota in the Middle East, and the second Toyota dealer in the world in 1954, which marked the very beginning of our Group’s journey of growth, expansion and development”.

He emphasized: “As, during the past 60 years, Kuwait has grown that our challenge has been to adapt our business and business practices to the changing needs of our customers, and stay ahead of the competition by looking for best practices and innovation as ways to continue to grow”.

Best in business
He concluded his speech saying: “For sure we are going to do all our regular activities as well as possible to keep us “best in the business” – looking after our customers by building more facilities, improving systems and communication, maintaining the highest quality services; looking after our Principals by ensuring that the Al-Sayer Group is their best route to market; looking after our staff by providing them the opportunity to live comfortably and progress their careers with us as we expand all our businesses both in Kuwait and outside ; and we will be playing a wider role in the community by working toward UNDP Corporate Social Responsibility goals, and becoming the first private company to achieve the certification.   We are already active in Healthcare with the launch of Al-Sayer Medical Company. May I take this opportunity to announce that we changed the name of our Group to Al-Sayer Group Holding.”

This was followed with demonstrating short film about Al Sayer Group’s  journey during the last 60 years.  Second speech was presented by Hisayuki Inoue, Chief Executive Officer of Asia and Middle East Region – Toyota Motor Corporation.  He stated: “On behalf of Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation, I would like to congratulate MNSS’s 60th anniversary. I also would like to express sincere gratitude to Al-Sayer Group for greatly contributing to Toyota’s success for the past 60 years”.

During his speech highlighted saying: “The Partnership between Toyota and Al-Sayer Group began in 1954 when Mr Naser imported two Toyota vehicles. Believing in the potential of Toyota, Naser even made his first trip to Japan as early as 1954.  I heard it took 45 hours for him to get to the unknown, Far East country”.

He concluded his speech with warm wishes: “Overall, MNSS deserves the “DIAMOND award” for two years in a row. Congratulations and let me express my sincere appreciation to Al-Sayer Board and their team members. This wonderful result was not realized without admirable leadership by Naser and Board of Director of Al-Sayer Group Holding along with their team members who are all very important partners for Toyota”.

Event was concluded with The Turkish Artist Ghareeb Aya impressing all audience with his feather drawing on water Al-Sayer Group Holding story during 60 years of its journey.

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