ANHRI Denounces the Persistent Using of Security Solutions against the Right of the Students to Expression

Cairo March 27, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces dispersing a peaceful demonstration organized by the students of the Miser International University (MIU) by the security forces and MIU guards. The students organized the demonstration in front of MIU’s administration building on the Cairo-Ismailia desert road. The aim of the demonstration is solidarity with their colleague who was punished on the background of participating in a peaceful demonstration that demanded from the administration of MIU to build a pedestrian bridge. The security forces used tear gas bombs and Cartouche which led several injuries among the students.

As one of the students suffered from a road accident during passing the road in his way to the university, which led a group of students to organize a demonstration in front of the MIU’s President Office. They demanded from him to build a pedestrian bridge in front of MIU to keep the students safe. The administration sought the assistance of the ministry of interior to disperse the protest last Tuesday. Therefore, the central security forces assaulted the protesters and dispersed their protest by force.

ANHRI said that “the Egyptian State still support the security solutions to address the fair demands of the citizens and limits its security arm, represented in the ministry of interior, on protecting the authority and the businessmen. The Egyptian State keep the forces to address all the forms of peaceful expression instead of play their role of protecting the citizens”.

ANHRI added that “the security bodies pose dangerous to the citizens more than the thieves and criminals. As in the state should have supported the fair demand of the students to build a pedestrian bridge to preserve their lives rather than using the security forces as a baton to beat the students instead of performing their constitutional role to protect them”.

ANHRI asserted on that the persistent of using the security forces as a tool to repress all the categories of the society that uses the peaceful demonstration to raise their demands. Such repression could lead to the reproduce the community retention which led to the January 25th revolution. In addition to that, it is a serious violation to the natural right of the students and others to peaceful protest; it was taken by the people to address the disregard of the authorities to them before and after the revolution, as the Egyptian constitution and the international treaties and charters ensure this right and oblige the authorities to protect it.

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