Baby Yousef Nursery Wall :)

When I first planned to have my babies nursery everyone told me ..It’s a boy so  BABY BLUE ! ! LOTS OF  DISNEY CHARACTERS! ELEPHANTS .. BEARS .. CARTOONS .. my reaction was mmmmm what ?? NO !!!!!

Call me crazy but the first thing that crossed my mind was ..  A BLACK  WALL.. everyone criticized me .. what he’s just a baby .. it’s depressing .. don’t take his colorful childhood away from him ! ( Mmm Relax people)

I was thinking mostly about his childhood and how he’s going to remember it and how he can enjoy his walls as well when he grows up  instead of just looking at them . Don’t get me wrong .. of course I’m not going to have his whole room black ! Our house theme is all about London so wanted that ” London Touch at his nursery too to complete the theme  ! I’m obsessed with London so I’m sure my baby boi will too!! so I called it ” The London Boi ” Nursery !

Again..Don’t misunderstand the whole Black thing, There’s baby blue walls in there with one huge BLACK wall .. so we can share our love to baby Yousef by drawing or writing on his walls .. and when he grows a little older ” we can be like look what your grandmother / grandfather , ur nannies or nurses wrote for you when you were born.. he can then draw , write  by himself or learn the ABC’s and 123′s on his walls .. he can draw Barney for all I care but I wanted him to learn and keep his nursery memorable of his own work!

Here’s the so called ” Depressing ” Black Wall ( All his looks at in his Nursery so far .. Thank you god ;) )

What Do you guys think??  Am I still Crazy or what? :P












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