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Badrya Darwish

Badrya Darwish

Why do we so easily relate to the past? I have met many people from all over the world and from the East and the West. It does not matter what color, nationality or religion a person is. People are people and there are things we have in common regardless. Passion and nostalgia are things all of us share.

The other day, our American editor showed us some photos she took of us years ago. They were all taken in different places in and out of Kuwait. We could recognize each other. It was not that long ago after all. The pictures took us back in time. I noticed that everybody was excited to see how they looked six years ago.

We all said the same thing: the good old days. Maybe they were not that good but as the time passed we all looked back and appreciated. Maybe we were a bit younger and we looked fresher. Our Bulgarian editor, being naughty, added that we all looked skinnier too. She kind of spoilt the mood by making that observation. Of course, younger means skinnier but we did not need this reminder. We can live without it. We all lived in the moment of the pictures.

We all started hoping that instead of investing in missiles and anti missile shields and scud missiles, rockets, arms and other demolition tools we could work on creating a time machine. It would be beneficial for all of us. It is exactly like in the old movies: You sit in a cockpit and with a simple switch you go back to the 16th century, for example. But I would not want to go that far.

I would like to stay in the 21st century. Imagine if we had this option? Which year would you choose to go back to? Which people would you like to meet? Which moment would you like to stop the clock and choose for time to stand still? I am sure everyone has that moment. I am greedy. I want my time machine with certain conditions. I would not mind it to stop when I was 20.

But I want to be 20 with the wisdom and experience I have today. It is all nostalgia guys, but we can get carried away and live a bit of an imaginary time.

Maybe at least for a moment or a half an hour if you take a trip down memory lane it refreshes the mind. Try it, guys. It might work. Have a good weekend!


By Badrya Darwish

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