Bahrain: ANHRI Denounces Preventing the Family and the Lawyer of Zainb El-Khawjah from Visiting her by the Authorities

Cairo March 12, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the intransigences of the authorities in dealing with the Bahrain human rights activist Zainb El-Khawjah, who languish in the prison in order to fulfill imprisonment sentences issued against her, and preventing her family and lawyer from communicating with her.

The Bahraini ministry of interior represented in the administration of the rehabilitation and the reform has, on Sunday, March 10, 2013, prevented the family of the activist “Zainab El-Khawaja” (a member of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights) from visiting her. They were detained outside of the prison before being informed that the visits are banned for “Zainab” and the same applies to her lawyer who was prevented from communicating with her too, due to allegations that she refused to wear the costume for prison inmates.

The activist Zainab El-Khawaja is sentenced to three months imprisonment and she is laungishing in the prison for insulting a public official on the background of the acceptance of the Court of Appeal on Thursday, February 28, 2013 the appeal filed by the public prosecution regarding the acquittance sentence. As the Court accepted the appeal in form and abolishing the sentence of the first instance and sentencing her for three months imprisonment, as well as the Bahraini court appeal rejected the appeal of Zainab El-Khawaja on Monday 10, 2012, the sentence of the Bahraini court, which provides for her imprisonment for a month and abond of 100 dinars to stop the implementation of the sentence on the background of accusations of participating in  unauthorized demonstration in February 12, 2012, and entering of the Pearl Roundabout, which the authorities consider it as restricted area, although  “Zainab” and who were with her were walking in the street naturally. They did not issue conduct any act or say any word, they and did not commit any crime punishable by the law. In addition to the lack of a formal decision indicates that the Pearl Roundabout is a restricted area.  She had spent eight days of the punishment and only  twenty two days are left, in addition to the court’s rejection to her appeal against the sentence issued against her for two months on charges of damaging movables related to the Interior Ministry.

ANHRI said that “preventing her family from visiting her and her lawyer from communicating with her due to allegations of refusal to wear the costume of the inmates which is a serious violation to her right to receive visits and also a violation for her right to communicate with the lawyer in the different stages of the case”.

ANHRI said that this arbitrary step which were taken by the Bahraini authorities is a desperate attempt to harass the activist and practicing more pressures on her because of her rights’ activity.

ANHRI demands from the authorities to immediately release her and review the sentences issued against her.
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