Bahrain: ANHRI Denounces the Arrest of the Authorities to a Lawyer on Charges of Insulting the King

Cairo March 14, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the decision issued by the Bahraini prosecution to detain the lawyer “Mahdi El-Basri” for seven days on pending investigation  on charges of insulting the king via twitter. ANHRI also denounces the arrest of six people by the security forces and commit them to the prosecution on the same charge.

The Bahraini prosecution, on Tuesday, March 12, 2013m ordered to confine the lawyer “Mahdi”  for seven days on pending investigation, after it had charged him of publishing posts twitter that insulting the King of Bahrain, using the user account “Karranah 14″, via his Internet, which was denied by the lawyer, as the lawyer recieve Wi-Fi services as well as having a personal account by his name on the “twitter”. The security forces had arrested the lawyer from his home at dawn on Monday, March 11, 2013, and confiscated the electronic devices in the home.

In a related context the Bahraini security forces arrested six people; (the students Sadeq, Adel Salman El-Khall and Syed Murtada Majid in addition to the teacher Habib Alstrawi and Jafar Hayki, and Hassan Mulla Ali for “15 years”) on the background of reports lodged by the General Administration to Combat Corruption and Economic Security, regarding that some individuals publish statements that include insults to the king of Bahrain, via their accounts on twitter and they were referred to the prosecution that decided to confine them as a prelude to being brought before the court.

ANHRI said that “the arrest of the lawyer “Mahdi” by the security forces in addition to the arrest of six other citizens and accusing them of insulting the king, are a continuation of the harassment committed against the activists and bloggers in addition to prosecuting them for expressing their opinions, peacefully, via social networks through the use of Internet”.

ANHRI demanded from the Bahraini authorities to immediately release the detainees and drop all the charges pressed on them in addition to stop its repeated attacks on the freedom of expression and freedom of the Internet.

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