Bahrain: ANHRI Denounces the Repression of a Peaceful Demonstration in Solidarity with Nabil Rajab by the Security Forces and the Arrest of El-Mohfza

Cairo March 24, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information denounces the use of the excessive force against the peaceful demonstrations by the security forces. The peaceful demonstration took to the streets   in the series of events to be in solidarity with the human rights activist “Nabil Rajab”, which started on Thursday March 21 and will continue until March 28, 2013. ANHRI denounces targeting the wife of the activist by rubber bullets during her presence in the peaceful demonstration in addition to the arrest of the activist “Sayed Yusuf El-Mohafza”

The security forces have used the stun guns and tear gas bombs to disperse the peaceful demonstration (to do not forget Nabil Rajab) in the series of the weekly events to be in solidarity with the Rajab who languished in the prison for imprisoning term of two years, as the march will move in Saturday March 23, from round about of Sar to the house of the human rights activist, located in Beni Jamarah, before the security forces disperse it and the use of excessive force resulted in the injury of several participants of the march. Among the injuries the wife of Rajab in addition to the arrest of the human rights activist “El-Mohfaza” the observing and following in the center of human rights on charges in an unauthorized march and assembly, before he was released on Sunday March 24, 2013 on a bail of 100 Dinars.

In a related context, the security forces, located in the security forces, in front of the house of “Rajab” targeting the house by tearing gas bombs to disperse the demonstrations who decided to protest in front of the house of “Rajab” in Beni Jamarah.

ANHRI “the repression of the peaceful demonstration that took to the streets to be in solidarity with the human rights activist “Rajab” in the series of the solidarity week, which number of human rights activists in Bahrain and International Federation for Human Rights have participated in, due to allegations that the march was unauthorized is a serious violation to the freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration, which was guaranteed by the international treaties and charters. The lack of authorization was used as a justification to repress the demonstrators, despite the authorities refused to authorize the demonstration without reasons”.

ANHRI said that “the persistence to harass “El-Mohfaza”, prove that the regime to silence the voices of all the human rights activists in Bahrain. This was not the first time to arrest “El-Mohafaza”, as he was arrested due to spreading false news on twitter before he was acquitted from this charge”.

ANHRI demands from the authorities to respect the freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration.

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