Bahrain: The Security Forces Continue Violating the Citizens Rights in the Light of Impunity

Cairo February 27, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information denounces today the forces assault on the houses by tear gas bombs and aimed ammunition randomly.

Bahriani security threw tear gas bombs randomly on the houses in the area of “Sahr Kan” and aimed the bullets randomly on the houses despite that there is no demonstration or a protest at this time, which scared the citizens and resulted in the injuries of some of them suffocations as a result of the heavy gases.

In a related context, the family of the martyr “Hassan El-Jazeeri” announced the strike of their brother in the central prison of Jowa which led to denounce the imprisonment of his martyr brother for the fifth day, in a declaration of the continuation of the strike until the delivery of the body.

In a persistence to the series of the impunity, the court acquitted two police forces who were accused of killing the martyr “Fadel El-Matrook” who was killed in 2011, as the two of the staff in the ministry of interior were accused of amied shot gun without the intention to kill him, which wound him and led to his death.

ANHRI said that “the persistent of the forces to target the civilians in their homes by heavy tear gas bombs, proves the regime went further in its crimes to intimidate the citizens and opposition which are violations that are crimes against humanity, as the international treaties criminalize the use of the heavy tear gas bombs, especially in the residential areas and criminalize the use of the shot gun bullets”.

ANHRI added that the sentence to acquit two officers from the charges from the murdering of one of the martyrs, proves the support of the regime to the violations conducted by the security forces against the citizens which reach the limits of murder sometimes and give them the green light to continue the series of the blatant violations against the citizens.

ANHRI demands that regime to respect the freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration in addition to bring the responsible of targeting the houses and citizens by tear gas bombs without reasons for justice.

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