Bahrian: ANHRI Denounces the Use of Excessive Force to Deal with the Participants in “El-Jeziri” Funeral

Cairo February 21, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, denounces today the use of the excessive force by the security forces to deal with the participants in march at the end of the funeral of the martyr of the 2nd anniversary of the uprising.

The security forces launched the tear gas bombs and shot-gun bullets, internationally banned, on the participants in the end of in the conclusive march of the funeral of the 2nd anniversary of the uprising; the child “Hussien El-Jeziri” , 17 years old, who died on February 14, 2013, after he was directly shot by shot-gun.

The security forces had blocked all exists of the “E-Deah” town and violently assaulted at the end of the conclusive march in its way to visit the tomb of the martyr. The security forces targeted the bombs and bullets toward their bodies directly which resulted in several injuries among the participants. They have also fired  tear gas bombs deliberately  on the houses and narrow zones in the town which resulted in several suffocations as a result of the heavy gas.

ANHRI said that “the persistent of using the security solutions and excessive violence against the peaceful demonstrators and any assembly regardless its goal in addition to the security forces deliberation to fire tear gas bombs on the house, prove a day after day the brutality of the regime in dealing with his people in addition to its attempt to spread the fears in the sport of the citizens to press them indirectly in order not to participate in the popular movement that is taking place in Bahrain to call for political and social reforms in the country”.

ANHRI called the authorities to respect the freedom of peaceful expression and to reveal the reasons related to who gave the order to the forces to fire the tear gas bombs on the houses and bring them for speedy trial and suspend him from working, not to honor him as the officers who were accused of torturing the activists and demonstrators.

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