Blast from the Past: Castle Excellence on MSX


Almost everyone who owned an MSX Sakhr in the 80′s know and loved “The Castle” game (post). One day back in the 80′s we stumbled into a small shop in Hawalli, maybe it was Al-Alamiya maybe not I’m not sure, possibly a computer shop in Bin Khaldoun street. There displayed on its window was another Castle game! The second Castle game was “Castle Excellence” and after a little bit of whining, the game was taken home with me to play with.


Castle Excellence or Castle 2 was no walk in the park. It was hard and, frankly, is still hard! Every room is a quiz to solve and takes a while to think about and finish. There are a lot of things you should “smash” when you encounter or else you will be stuck later on with no way to back track, which is probably why I never gotten very far when playing it back in the 80′s.


There are also a lot of “elevators” you push manually back and forth to carry stuff. These elevators do appear in Castle 1 but just a few times in the very advanced stages in the game. In Castle 2 they are more common, and I hate them.


I’ve never attempted to finish the game before. Mainly because I keep getting stuck at stages and have to go back which is frustrating. Its 2013 and I’ve finally decided to tackle The Castle. After weeks of playing, look where I’ve reached.


The princess’s room! Finally! But getting through all these doors is no piece of cake! You have to go around the rooms, round round round and round, up down left and right, over and over again until you reach her. Currently I’ve reached this stage.


And suddenly I don’t want to continue. I can finish all right, I just don’t want to. If I do finish it, there would be no more Castle for me to play with :(  I’ve been waiting almost two and a half decades for the day I finish this game and now I don’t want to, the same way it felt when I was at the last three chapters of book 7 of Harry Potter, if I read them there would be no more Harry Potter to read :(

Why do all good things come to an end? The last bite of that good sandwich, an amazing series of books, a good computer game? Maybe I will finish it, maybe I won’t, but I made it through Castle Excellence for sure almost to the end.

Do you remember playing Castle Excellence or Castle 2? Do you know if there was a Castle 3 perhaps I can play with?

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