Bungee Jumping at Marina Crescent


I went to Marina Crescent in the morning to see the Bungee Jumping because I never saw one in Kuwait before, I also wanted to know how high they will be jumping from. There was a company called Sky Breakers that was running the event, their staff say they have arranged bungy (bungee), stunt and adventure events since 1989. They have used a big and tall crane with a basket to take the jumpers to a very high height, maybe more than 50 meters, right above Marina Crescent bay where they will then take the ‘leap of faith’, the jumpers were screaming all the way down. I suspect jumping from this height will smash your adrenalin levels and will make you feel like you were re-born.

20130222_105014 (Large)The Bungee Jumping was not all about men because I saw girls filling some forms because they wanted to try the jump. I asked how much? They said KD20 per one person and that the event will continue till the 24th February. I’m going to jump tomorrow in the early morning, who’s in?

By the way, I also noted that there were a shopping expo going on at Marina Crescent.

20130222_105033 (Large)

20130222_105924 (Large)

20130222_104502 (Large)

20130222_105942 (Large)  

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