Charity dissolved upon officials’ own request – No cash donations at mosques: MSAL

KUWAIT: Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Minister of State for Planning and Development Hind Al-Subaih has issued a ministerial decision to dissolve the Abdul Aziz Al-Zahem and Sabeeka Ahmed Al-Sager Charity Foundation. The decision is deemed effective immediately. MSAL assistant undersecretary for social development Munira Al-Fadhli said that the charity was dissolved upon a request made by the foundation officials themselves as they were too busy to run it. She added that the charity would be temporarily supervised by MSAL pending referral to Awqaf Ministry supervision. Separately, on receiving LOYAC board chairperson Fare’a Al-Saqqaf, Subaih praised the effective role played by youth voluntary groups in Kuwait, noting that they contribute to various social activities and enhance loyalty and patriotism through equal community services for all.

Meanwhile, MSAL charities department manager Ahmed Al-Sane declared launching the 11th Ramadan Fundraising Project and said that 11 participating charities had been contacted. Sane added that his department preferred getting the concerned assistant undersecretary’s approval early enough before the holy month of Ramadan begins, so that all the needed arrangements could be made. “We still have two months to go before Ramadan during which we will prepare the official donation collection receipt books and stamp them,” he explained, adding that the department would meet all concerned charities on April 30 to discuss the regulations to be followed this year, especially concerning naming certain mosques where donations would be permissible through bank deduction orders or Knet payments but no cash. Finally, MSAL announced that Subaih has dedicated a special mobile hotline to personally receive complaints, remarks and suggestions related to manpower and labor. The mobile number is 69006900 and will receive text messages in addition to Whatsapp messages from both employees and employers.

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