Clean fuels contract signing to go ahead despite NA probe

KUWAIT: The parliament is expected to form a committee to investigate the clean fuel project’s deal, but at the same time allow Kuwait Petroleum Corporation to sign the contracts next week. Oil Minister Ali Al-Omair had stated previously that he does not have a problem with the parliament’s decision, especially that he is ‘confident that the tendering procedures were sound.’ MPs, in the meantime, believe that the probe guarantees ‘transparency’ and eliminate all suspicions regarding the deal. In other news, the parliament is also expected on Tuesday to form an investigation committee into an arms theft from the Special Task Forces warehouse.

Water consumption The Ministry of Electricity and Water achieved considerable success in its efforts to rationalize energy consumption and reduce the ministry’s costs, Minister Abdul-Aziz Al-Ibrahim said. The minister indicated in responses to questions made by MP Adel Al-Khorafi that the efforts include campaigns to detect violations in which electricity or water is connected to properties illegally. Meanwhile, the minister indicated that the ministry is studying the option of cutting water from nonpaying consumers as a way to force payment of delayed dues. He added that the ministry’s efforts helped limit the increase in consumption rate last year to 2 percent compared to 2012, as opposed to an 8 percent projected rate. The ministry also managed to drop water consumption significantly, which saved costs that can be added to production funds.

‘Demonstrator’ freed A Kuwaiti man was freed after he spent two weeks in jail for taking part in an unlicensed rally last year. The court of misdemeanor overruled an earlier verdict which found the citizen guilty of charges that includes taking part in crowding at a public place, participating in an unlicensed demonstration and disobeying police orders. The prosecutor had accused the man of being a participant in an anti-government demonstration organized illegally by the political opposition. The court reached its verdict due to lack of evidence, and ordered the man, who is in his twenties, to be set free.

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