Confused – WHICH MILK FORMULA !? :(



Turns out that baby Y is a hand full when it comes to formula milk , I am just super confused , he’s sensitive when it comes to formula milk when he really have to take some  + I think he has allergy from some sort of milk, he keeps on choking which freaks me out !

So we started with the Normal Similac which gave him A LOT OF GAS , and his face started getting rashes  and he started to  itche his face a lot!

When we took him to the doctor she said that he’s got eczema because he’s  allergic from some sort of ingredient in the normal similac so she made us Mix it with the advanced similac HA .. until we stick to similac HA only which has the protein in the milk hydrolyzed ( apparently that’s what will stop  eczema )

That didn’t do good ! He kept on getting a lot of Gas, his face got better because of the creams they prescribed .. but then it came back again.. so then the doctor advised we switch to Milopa ( Aptamil) he got a little better but still chokes sometimes , gets a little gas and the rash is better but didn’t completely go ! is it really the milk? ! No Idea! but what I’m sure is none of those milk formula’s is making baby Yousef happy !

Which Formula Milk do you advise me to use out of experience?? .. I need your help guys :(

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