Construction of MPs’ building to be completed this year

KUWAIT: Construction of the building that will house MPs’ offices will be completed in eight months, said National Assembly’s Secretary General Allam Al-Kanderi yesterday. Al-Kanderi said the National Assembly received the new building, officially, from the Ministry of Public Works two weeks ago, thus the Parliament would take charge of the unfinished work in six to eight months. A committee, grouping the Secretary, MP Yaaqoub Al- Sanea, Chairman of the Financial and Economic Committee MP Faisal Al-Shayea and the secretary general of the engineering, technical and legal department, was formed to follow up on the remaining work.

The National Assembly has been responsible for the venture since the moment it had taken up the responsibility from the ministry, he said, indicating “some matters related to the project have been referred to the courts due to failure to deliver as scheduled.” On upgrading the NA Secretariat-General, Al-Kanderi said Parliament Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim had proposed a plan due to be effective in three months. The Secretariat General has set specifications of the project and contacted 13 local and foreign companies, he said, indicating that it would deal with employee’s annual assessment, job description, organization’s structure, training courses and other matters. A meeting with these companies would be held later this week.

These companies will present their studies and views in two weeks to a special parliamentary commission to assess the offers and take further measures with the winning companies. The projects aim to enhance personnel’s performance, provide incentives, he said, noting that employees with high payments must put out effort that matches the high salaries. Al-Kanderi confirmed that the NA delegation during its visit to Germany agreed with the German side to aid the Kuwaiti Parliament in training of personnel and some administrative issues.

The NA Secretariat-General, since last year, has dispatched translators to parliaments abroad to sharpen their skills and develop their tasks. Meanwhile, around 12,800 housing units would be distributed this year and next year, in an attempt to solve the housing problem in the country, head of the Housing Committee at the Parliament MP Faisal Al-Kanderi announced yesterday. Al-Kanderi told the press that this figure would be doubled once an anticipated regulation was approved. Minister of State for Housing Affairs Yasser Abul will meet the committee next week to present a comprehensive outlook on solving the persistent housing problem in the country, he added. On electricity, new residential areas will be supplied with electricity once phase one of increasing the capacity of Al-Zour power plant is completed. —KUNA

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