Cop steals impounded sports car

Kuwait: Investigations are ongoing in a case involving a tow truck driver who alleges that a police officer stole an impounded luxury sports car. The police officer was assigned to accompany the tow truck driver to transfer the car to the impound lot, but with the help of five other suspects, he managed to steal the vehicle. The tow truck driver, who works for a local company that has a contract with the Interior Ministry, told police that the policeman had accompanied him to move the car from the impound garage to Salmi. After reaching Salmi Road, the officer asked the driver to pull over in order to check if the car was fixed properly. Minutes later, two vehicles arrived with five people inside, including two women. The suspects forced the driver to free the sports car at gunpoint, before one of them drove it and escaped with the others, including the policeman. The driver gave this explanation to the police after the incident, and a case was filed.

DUI suspect caught A teenager was arrested after police followed him from Qortoba to Kaifan while he was driving under the influence. The suspect had ignored orders to pull over made by patrol police who spotted him driving erratically in Qortoba. The man stopped near the entrance to Kaifan after the patrol vehicle collided with his car. He attempted to flee on foot but police were able to catch him. The man was identified as a 19- year-old Kuwaiti, and was confirmed to have been driving under the influence of narcotics. Police found hashish rolling paper in the teen’s possession, in addition to various car keys and a police badge, which police suspect was fake and used by the man to commit muggings. The suspect was taken to the proper authorities for further action.

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