Cosmetician lured to single man’s apartment

KUWAIT: Hawally detectives arrested a man who attempted to sexually assault a cosmetician after luring her to his apartment in Maidan Hawally by faking a feminine voice. In her statements to police, the Arab woman said that she went to an address given by someone she thought was a female client that called the beauty salon she works at and asked for home service. When she arrived at the apartment, a ‘half-naked man’ answered the door and told her that his wife was waiting inside.

The worker demanded that she sees the customer before she gets inside, but the man claimed that his wife couldn’t because she ‘did not have her hijab (headscarf) on’. The cosmetician insisted not to go inside, which prompted the man to try to pull her in, but she was able to free herself by screaming for help and then ran away. The woman further told police that the suspect offered her money to get inside the apartment before she escaped.

Police obtained the man’s identity from his building’s janitor; who told officers that the man lived alone in his apartment. Detectives arrested the man in an ambush outside the building and took him for questioning. He admitted that he imitated a feminine voice in a phone call with the cosmetician in order to lure her to his apartment. He was referred to the proper authorities for further action.

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