Couple hospitalized after fight

Kuwait: Farwaniya police are investigating a case involving a man believed to have jumped from his third-floor apartment after stabbing his wife during a domestic dispute. Police and paramedics headed to a building in the area in response to an emergency call reporting that a man fell from the window of a third-floor apartment. Preliminary investigations revealed that the Nepalese national jumped, likely in a suicide attempt, after he stabbed his wife with a kitchen knife. The couple was taken to Farwaniya Hospital where their conditions were later described as stable. Police are waiting for them to be discharged from the hospital in order to be taken for questioning.

Mental status A domestic worker was transferred to the Psychological Medicine Hospital to have her mental status evaluated after behaving ‘abnormally’ in public. Police arrested the woman on a street in Riggae following emergency calls reporting that she was behaving erratically in public. They were able to identify her and her employer. They summoned her employer after she resumed her weird behavior soon after she entered the police station, as she attempted to take off her clothes according to a security source. The sponsor told police that he had taken his maid to the Mubarak Hospital after she stopped eating. Investigations revealed that the woman managed to escape from the hospital, and that the doctor supervising her was waiting for a mandatory 24-hour period to end before he could report her missing.

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