Diet Center’s National Day Gift


To celebrate the upcoming National and Liberation days on 25 and 26 February consecutively, The Diet Centre sent me a very nice package. Diet-friendly desserts on a silver tray with two books talking about the History of Kuwait.



The desserts tray comes filled with baklava and a big delicious looking strawberry tart. All topped with a cookie decorated to look like the flag of Kuwait.



I don’t know which made me happier, the strawberry tart or the two books! The books most likely, and they are so suitable for the upcoming occasion!


They even come with a dedication on the front page. Nice touch!


Thank you The Diet Center for your very thoughtful gift. For more information regarding The Diet Center you can check their website (link), like their facebook page (link), follow them on Twitter (@DietCenterKW), or on instagram (@DietCenterKW).

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