Drug offender escapes after shooting neighbor

KUWAIT: The search is on for a convicted drug offender who disappeared Monday after shooting his neighbor and leaving him critically wounded. The fugitive, a Saudi national, managed to escape before special task forces raided his house in Sulaibiya Monday afternoon. Police had rushed to the scene in response to an emergency call reporting that a person fired at his neighbor over old disputes. The victim, a bedoon man, sustained two gunshot wounds and was admitted in the intensive care unit at Farwaniya Hospital. Criminal investigators examined the outside wall of the victim’s house that had fresh bullet marks, according to eyewitnesses. The suspect was identified at the scene and police surrounded his house. The man climbed to the roof of his house, jumped to the top of nearby houses and escaped by the time special task forces arrived with a warrant to raid his house. Police found 9mm bullets, empty bullet shells and drug paraphernalia inside the man’s house. Investigations revealed that the fugitive has a history of drug-related crimes and is facing a life sentence in prison for a previous conviction.

Jleeb stray dog A stray dog trapped a family in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh inside their house for three hours before police ‘freed’ them. A patrol vehicle was dispatched to the scene after a Kuwaiti man reported that a dog was standing outside his house and prevented his family members from exiting for nearly three hours. Police immediately moved the canine away.

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