Egypt: The Ministry of Education must face the discrimination against the female students because of the veil

Cairo February 27, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the depriving a of the female student from being honored for her excellence because she does not wear the veil.

The director of the primary school in Alamriah, Alexandria, has deprived the student who has excelled in the Karate sport from joining her colleagues to in a memorial photo because she doesn’t wear a veil!

This incident comes in the series of the similar facts, as the most significant, when a school teacher in Luxor October 2012, cut the hair of a student in the third grade the primary school as a punishment for not wearing a veil, which is a phenomena reflect the general climate of using certain aspects, considered by some as an evidence to religious commitment, against some classes in the society.
ANHRI said that “the new Egyptian constitution, which is full of huge shortcomings, had clearly stipulated the prohibition of all forms of discrimination against any human being and this incident is a clear example of discrimination against a female student because of her appearance, as the manager of the school viewed it as the non-religious compliance with the religious commitment and her understanding. Such incident is a violation to the right of the student and considers with the other incidents as a serious indicator to the increase of the atmosphere in the educational institutions that encourage the discrimination on the basis of the narrow understanding of the religious commitment; as reflect the educational process and all the activities of the students inside these institutions, which threatens their rights in the freedom of doctrine and expression in general”.
ANHRI demands the ministry of Education, as the competent authority to conduct the investigation in this fact and take all the required procedures to prevent the repeat of similar facts. ANHRI also demands the legislation authority to quickly interpret the constitutional provision on the prohibition of the discrimination and punish all the discrimination’ practices in any form by any citizen due to color, gender, race, sect, ideas of personal choices regarding clothes and conduct.

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