Egypt’s Morsi uses TV interview to burnish image

FILE - In this Friday, Jan. 4, 2013 file photo, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, center, waves to supporters after attending Friday prayers at the Hassan Sharbatli mosque on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. Morsi, in a rambling 2.15-hour TV interview that aired in the early hours of Monday, Feb, 25, 2013, dismissed the masses protesting against his rule across much of the nation as "thugs" and "outlaws." (AP Photo/Ahmed Abd El Latif, Shorouk newspaper, File) EGYPT OUTCAIRO (AP) — During a more than 2-hour television interview, Egypt's Islamist president sought to depict himself as a man of the people, his voice rising and tears welling in his eyes as he spoke of the country's poor and portrayed the masses protesting against his rule as "thugs" and "outlaws."

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