Ethiopian maid stranded after baby delivery

Kuwait: A domestic worker faces a dilemma after her employer refused to let her into his house, when she delivered a baby there. The Ethiopian maid failed to provide documents to prove her marriage against charges of adultery that her employer pressed against her at Farwaniya police station.

The case began around three weeks ago when the man made an emergency call saying that his maid delivered a baby inside the bathroom in his house. An ambulance rushed to the man’s house located in Rabiya, and took the maid along with her newborn to Farwaniya Hospital. They were discharged later, and the employer took the maid to the police station immediately afterwards.

The woman said during questioning that she is married back home, but was not aware of her pregnancy when she came to Kuwait. Her employer argued she never said that she was married when she was hired, and she could not provide documents to prove her legal marriage.

She remained in police custody along with her child for a few days, until both were taken to the hospital again when they needed medical attention.

The woman was eventually transferred to the Psychological Medicine Hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown, while the baby was admitted in the intensive care unit in Farwaniya Hospital.

Police are coordinating with officials at the Ethiopian embassy in order to communicate with Ethiopian authorities to obtain evidence that the woman is legitimately married

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