Fake oil reformists on top of corruption lists; Prostitutes arrested

KUWAIT: A Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) employees’ group stressed that decision-making in the oil sector should not be left in the hands of influential people ‘who are only after personal interests and winning tenders.’ The syndicate said in a statement yesterday that “those who claim to be keen on protecting public funds were the top oil wealth looters.” The group also rejected interference in decision-making and setting of future oil-related policies. It also warned of allowing pressure, blackmail and intimidation practiced on the oil sector. “History will never have mercy on lawmakers who will not fight and deter corruption in the oil sector that has been deteriorating for years since the Dow Chemical crisis,” the statement says.

Kuwaiti doctor acquitted from killing patient The appeal court yesterday overruled a previous court order which fined a famous Kuwaiti surgeon specializing in sleeve gastrectomy surgery with KD 200, and acquitted him from second degree murder. In his argument, the public prosecutor said that the doctor unintentionally made a mistake by not following standard protocol before such surgeries, when he prescribed the patient anti-clotting medications three days before the surgery, instead of at least ten days, which led to post-surgery complications, including a fatal clot. However, specialized medical reports from a Kuwait University panel of doctors proved that the doctor had followed standard procedures and protocols.

Prostitutes arrested An Egyptian taxi driver was recently arrested for facilitating prostitution by acting as a procurer, driving prostitutes to and delivering them to clients, said security sources. After interrogating the suspect, the police was led to and arrested ten Arab prostitutes, the sources said. A case was filed.

By A Saleh

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