FASTtelco launches its new campaign ‘Bring your friend’

Hamad Al Selmi Marketing and Public relations Manager at FASTtelco

Hamad Al Selmi
Marketing and Public relations Manager at FASTtelco

KUWAIT: FASTtelco, the leading internet provider in the Kuwaiti market launched its new “Bring your friend” campaign. The “Bring your Friend” campaign primarily focuses on upgrading current speeds of FASTtelco’s current customer base, allowing them to benefit from higher speeds ideally suitable for their internet related uses and applications. Customers are to bring their friends or relatives to subscribe with FASTtelco, and in return get the newly speeds subscribed by their friends or relatives added to their current one.

Therefore, if the current subscriber’s speed is at 3 Mbps, and refers a friend who subscribes to 6 Mbps, he would then have his friend’s speed added to his current subscription, allowing him to benefit from an overall speed of 9 Mbps (3 Mbps + 6 Mbps = 9 Mbps). Current subscribers are also allowed to bring and refer as much friends and relatives as they want, and in return add more speeds to their current subscriptions, as long as their subscriptions does not exceed the limit of 100 Mbps. On this occasion, Hamad AlSelmi, Marketing and Public relations Manager at FASTtelco said: “We have designed this campaign based on FASTtelco’s belief towards the importance of the internet speed and its evolving necessity in today’s internet related applications. We are pleased to launch this campaign, simultaneously with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the launch of the internet service for the first time in the early nineties of the last century, since then this communication technology have played a very vital role worldwide on the individuals, corporations, governments, and society’s levels.” Reiterating the vitality of the internet, AlSelmi said:”We wonder how would be the shape of relationships and communications between people in the world in the absence of the internet.

It would be an unimaginable situation given the role of the internet in our lives. It is of the same reasons FASTtelco wants new and current users to benefit from high speeds of internet due to requirements of new internet applications and websites, in terms of video streaming, file uploading, and downloads.” FASTtelco will go on with its firm policy based on providing the best offers, products and the highest level of services to its valued customers. This function requires assembling the most talented team of employees and human resources in the market on the one hand, and by adopting the largest and the most advanced data communication infrastructure in Kuwait on the other. As a result of its continuous efforts, FASTtelco has proven its leading position amongst local Internet Service Providers thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure and commitment to providing the latest communication solutions to its customers, catering both individuals and companies.

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