Fighting youth violence

Labeed Abdal

Labeed Abdal

The Cabinet recently launched efforts to fight violence among young people in Kuwait through its permanent committee for youth affairs and the Ministry of Youth Affairs, which was founded last year.

It is a positive step to take care of future generations, utilize their powers and improve their skills. These efforts gain more importance at this time as the Arab Spring in its different shapes and forms spreads through the region, as seen in countries that featured protests against dictatorships like Tunisia and Egypt.

The reason why those efforts are very important today is to guide young people towards productive activities and avoid being lured to extremism as seen in Syria and Iraq, where young men and women fell victim to sectarian projects. It is very sad that leaders of extremism in those two countries are encouraging innocent young men to commit suicide attacks or drive car bombs under claims of ‘jihad’ and fighting foreign invaders. None of those leaders have volunteered to take part in similar practices or allow their children to do the same.

The Cabinet’s important decision to fight youth violence needs public and social support, by carrying out activities that help young men and women, Kuwaitis and expatriates alike, to utilize their energies in useful means. Sports, arts, technology and many other fields provide a great platform to utilize youth energies, something that can bring great benefit to our nation, especially when combined with encouraging religious tolerance

By Labeed Abdal

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