Filipina injured while escaping rapist in Nugra

KUWAIT: A woman was severely injured after she fell from an apartment’s window while escaping from a rapist, according to her statements. Paramedics and police rushed to a building in Nugra in response to an emergency call, and found the woman lying motionless on the ground. She was taken to the Mubarak Hospital and admitted inside the intensive care unit with severe broken bones.

The Filipina national explained during preliminary investigations that she accompanied her boyfriend, a Kuwaiti man, to his friend’s apartment. There, she discovered that she was lured to a trap, as the apartment’s owner tried to persuade her to have sex.

The woman refused, then locked herself inside a room after the suspect tried to rape her, according to her statements. She then tied bed sheets together as a rope and tried to descent down the window, but lost balance on the way and fell to the ground. A case was filed for investigations as detectives are looking to locate and arrest the two men for questioning.

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