Five European women in police net for ‘sex trade’ – KD500 charge for one night

KUWAIT: Criminal investigators arrested six women who came from Europe for prostitution in Kuwait. The network included five prostitutes — two Dutch, two Spanish and one French — as well as a British national who worked as a procurer. Investigations went underway after detectives received information about prostitutes staying at a local hotel after they arrived on tourist visas. Further investigations revealed that the procurer found customers willing to pay KD 500 to spend a night with one of the prostitutes. The procurer would then take a 40 percent cut, or KD 200, while the prostitute kept KD 300. Detectives first nabbed the Frenchwoman after they lured her to a trap, and used information she provided during questioning to arrest the other women. An undercover agent contacted the procurer and agreed to pay KD 2,000 to invite the four prostitutes to an apartment that was prepared as a trap. The suspects were referred to the authorities to face charges.

Suicide case A Kuwaiti man committed suicide in his house in Dhahar, according to preliminary investigations. Criminal investigators were called to the scene after paramedics pronounced the man dead. Paramedics had accompanied police to the scene in response to an emergency call, and found the man hanging from the ceiling fan. The body was taken to the forensic department after investigators examined the scene. A case was filed. Meanwhile, a suicide investigation was opened in a case filed after an Asian man was found hanging in a stable in Farwaniya.

Forged documents A fugitive admitted to providing forged documents to non-Kuwaitis which they could use to obtain bank loans illegally. The Kuwaiti man’s confessions came during questioning after Salmiya police arrested him recently over money- related charges. The man explained he issued forged salary certificates from his company and sold them to expatriates. The man was referred to the authorities for further action.

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