Foreign interventions

Labeed Abdal

Labeed Abdal

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Watan daily argued in a recent editorial that the policies of the Syrian regime — backed by foreign militias and Russian protection — of random bombardment and besiegement of cities and suburbs have started to ‘pay off’, at least for now. The paper blames the United Nations and the international community as a whole for failure to stop the crimes in Syria, and doing nothing more than a ceasefire in Homs where civilians have been starving under more than two years of blockade.

The paper then speculates that the Syrian crisis was prolonged as part of a plot to extend the situation until the presidential elections.

The plot includes Russia that handles all issues on the international scene while the Syrian regime and its allies, including Iran and sectarian militias, handle the internal scene, according to the daily. In times of infightings in countries such as Syria, Iraq, and even Ukraine, I believe that it is important for people to become aware and alert regarding direct and indirect foreign interventions. There are countries that look to improve their global position with hope of becoming superpowers, taking advantage of struggles that their traditional opponents are going through. Such countries make unjustifiable excuses to validate their interventions, including ideological differences and ‘self defense’ claims based on principles of their own creation.

The situation that the world is going through requires wise decision makers to stand against international conflicts, and work for enforcing international safety and security that have gone through alarming threats.

By Labeed Abdal

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