Four cleaners deported for theft

Kuwait: Four cleaning workers are set to be deported after they stole a power generator outside a house in Jahra recently. The Kuwaiti homeowner had told police who arrived at the scene in response to his emergency call that he suspected four cleaning workers who work at the same street. The men, three Bangladeshi and one Indian, were located and detained in the area based on the complainant’s descriptions. They admitted during questioning that they stole the generator from outside the man’s house.

The four will not be taken to court after the homeowner said that he wanted to drop the theft charges. Instead, police made the decision to deport them out of the country. In other news, four men were arrested after they stole items seized at the Shuwaikh Port, the General Customs Department said. The suspects, who are of Arab and Asian nationalities, were caught while moving counterfeit sanitary ware that was impounded at the port. The four admitted during questioning of stealing material worth KD30,000 in total, adding that they used the fact that the impounding square lacked CCTV cameras to their advantage. They were referred to the proper authorities to face charges.

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