Happy Mother’s Day


Today is a very special day, for it is the day to celebrate a very special woman…

A woman who lights up every room she walks into and draws a smile upon faces of those she meets..
A woman who is so weak, yet so strong.. So brilliant, yet so humble.. So tough, yet so tender.. So beautiful, yet so modest.. So giving, yet so cautious..

A woman who sacrifices all she has for her family even at the expense of her own..
A woman who knows no fear, who opens up her heart, and listens with open arms..
A woman who carries burdens on her shoulders but doesn’t complain, sorrow in her heart but a smile   on her lips..

A woman who is taken for granted at times, yet always has time to forgive…
A woman who can make you laugh by saying the silliest things and put cramps in your sides..

A woman who needs to be reminded everyday that she is special and that she is the reason I am living..

Happy Mother’s Day Mom..

This is for my mom and all mom’s all over the world who need to be reminded today and everyday that they are the reason we get up in the morning.. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, may your day be filled with wonder and joy..

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