Health ministry intensifies campaigns against rats’ spread

KUWAIT: An official source at the health ministry said the ministry, through the rodents and insects fighting center, will intensify its campaigns this week in Khaitan and Jahra stables. He said there is cooperation with Kuwait Municipality, especially in regards to the quick removal of garbage in front of homes, which will reduce the presence of rodents and insects, and will make it easier for ministry technical teams to eradicate them.

The source said the teams will be in Khaitan, Jahra stables and Julaiah chalets, in addition to general hospitals, according to a time schedule which started yesterday. He also said that starting Ramadan, teams will avoid going into residential areas, since many citizens will be at their homes, and this makes it difficult to fight rodents, but said they will intensify efforts in government buildings and at Kuwait International Airport according to schedule.

He said it is necessary that citizens cooperate with teams that deal with rodents especially with the presence of dangerous types. He warned against the Norwegian rat in some areas, as its spread already reached 62 percent of the total houses in some areas, adding that rodents can chew up children and handicapped people’s extremities.

Call for help
Meanwhile, farm owners are asking for help, as they are losing KD 200 to KD 300 each month because of the rodents, while the health ministry, through its specialized teams, hand them adhesive materials or useless traps, which endangers their animals and birds.

Farmers expressed their fear when they saw the rats roaming the streets in numbers and added the fear has extended to the possible spread of disease in children who spend time in the farms. Bader Dashti, who raises pigeons in Kabd, said large numbers of rats attack the pigeons, chickens and sheep. He reported the rats sever the heads of pigeons and eat their guts. He said that their size is as large as a cat, and that even the cat fears it.

He said he informed the rodents fighting department about it and they sent teams, but it seems the poison they distribute is not effective, while the traps they gave remain two weeks without a catch. Dashti said that he loses KD 150 to 200 per month because of the rats and estimates more loses in the 6,000+ farms in Kabd. —Al-Qabas

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