In the Light of the Absence of Justice and the Rule of Law, A Guy was Kidnapped from Alexandria and Appeared before the Military Prosecution After 6 Days by Fabricated Charges

’March 4, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), said that the military prosecution in Alexandria, know by “C 3 Military Prosecution”, will review tomorrow, Tuesday, the confinement of the “Saad Mohamed Ibrahim” in the case no. 844 of 2013 Misdemeanor- Military, who was kidnapped since February 13, 2012 then he was brought before the prosecution on February 19 on charges of insulting the military.

The fact of the case back to after the sink of the fishing boat “Zamzam” and after the people of “Abu-Qeer” in Alexandria, gathered to urge the navy troops to help the ship as no one survived.

On February 13, 2013, some masked people, who got out of two cars carrying numbers of “navy troops”, the beach of “Mebad” in Abu-Qeer, and assaulted civilians who were on the beach, but the people protested then they kidnapped three of them. As two young men were kidnapped after the hours after the kidnapping fact that took place next to the navy troops. The third young man disappeared, “Saad Mohamed Ibrahim” for six days. Then his family was surprised when they knew that he was in the headquarter of the navy troops and being brought before the military prosecution, despite they have searched fro him and asked the military prosecution and the navy troops but they denied  that he was held in custody with them.

On February 19, “Saad” appeared before the military court on charges of insulting the military troops and he was in a restricted military zone, despite he was arrested by the navy troops since six days, and he has a valid authorization to be and work in the beach affiliated to the navy until 2013, and issued by the border guards!

ANHRI said that “another victim of the military prosecutions and the kidnapping that became a methodology to governmental entities, in the light of the president’s silence regarding the exercises of the military troops and police against human rights and the citizens’ right, although his promises to halt the military trials to the civilians”.

ANHRI said that “Saad Mohamed was kidnapped for six days, since February 13, before he appeard before the military prosecution and his family sent him an official telegraph, stating that he was kidnapped before February 19, in the date of bringing him before the military prosecution. He carried an official authorization to be and work I the beach until the coming may. If the president is serious in his promises to respect the law, the military forces personnel, who kidnapped the young guy, must brought before trial. The president should halt such practices, that undermine the law and dedicate the remain of the military institution inside the state and storm the rights of the citizens”.

The military prosecution, will review tomorrow the renew of confinement of the kinddnapped young man in the attendance of his lawyers and the lawyers of ANHRI, but the absence of the military judiciary independence, require the intervention of the president and minister of defence to halt these illegal practices that don’t cope with a state that apply the rule of law.

The following is a photocopy of the authorization of Saad Mohamed Ibrahim, valid until May 2013


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