Instagram and Prostitutes!

ArbashIt is an application designed for smartphones that has changed the lives of many people. It introduced many new alien values and traditions to Kuwait homes, ones that we were never accustomed to and form the basic reasons for breaking many families and divorces. It is behind hearing many new stories such as that told by a husband who ‘liked’ a photo of a Gulf actress on Instagram that his wife accidentally saw later.

The man says that she immediately demanded a divorce, which happened simply because of that ‘like’. Instagram is the best tool to spy on individuals’ personal lives. Many people put their personal photos on this vicious application on a daily basis, especially women who post photos as well as videos taking advantage of the 15-second video recording feature. These videos are rudely and baldly reposted to everyone later on.

Instagram has become a venue to sell all kinds of illegal items including weapons, liquor and all the way to witchcraft and sorcery. It is also used to sell various types of foodstuff for the highest prices without knowing anything about the quality, cleanliness or validity of these food items. It also became a tool used by some mothers to search for suitors for their daughters. They post photos of them in full makeup and accessories for that purpose.

Instagram is also used to openly promote prostitutes, and there is a considerable number of them who openly display their bodies and offer their services to young men. It has also become a tool for fraud as many people trade fake items and their victims find no legal documents to prove it and retrieve their money.

Eighty percent of people who bought items on Instagram were swindled. Some people have over 600,000 followers. The price of showing one photo has reached KD 1,400 and the moment a user puts a photo on his account, the price, that he sometimes receives in advance, becomes due. The problem is that some large account holders buy fake followers to increase the number and accordingly multiply the price of photos they show. I wonder how the government will ever cope with this rapid technological development or how will it ever manage to protect citizens from fraud.

What I know is that parents are totally responsible for protecting their kids from technology scourges. Raising children is becoming harder by the day in view of the vast technological developments!

— Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Fahd Al-Arbash

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