Interior Ministry urges halting delivery licenses

KUWAIT: The Interior Ministry yesterday urged the Ministry Of Commerce And Industry to stop issuing new commercial license or renew existing ones for delivery services unless it approves it. The ministry’s demand was made in view of the growing demand for such licenses.

Nurses’ two-day off Health Ministry’s Undersecretary Dr Khalid Al-Sahlawi said that following a meeting with the Nursing Society, the ministry agreed to grant Kuwaiti nurses two days off every week. Sahlawi explained that the two days off would first be given to Kuwaiti nurses, then to GCC and bedoon ones. Sahlawi added that it had been also agreed to increase bedoon nurses’ salaries.

Bedoon children MP Sultan Al-Shemmari yesterday urged Education Minister Dr Bader Al-Essa to accept children of bedoons registered in the 1965 census in public schools.

Commerce ministry still staggering: Turaiji MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji claimed things in the ministry of commerce and industry are still poor and that none of the elements mentioned in the grilling motion filed against former minister Abdulmohsen Al-Mudej were resolved. “Though the new minister is not responsible for mistakes, corruption and favoritism prevailing in the ministry, he is responsible for finding solutions for such problems,” he underlined.

By A Saleh

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