Iran: ANHRI Denounces Preventing Actors of a Movie from Travel by the Iranian Authorities

Cairo March 9, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces preventing actors of the movie Closed Curtain from traveling abroad upon their return to Iran from the Berlin Film Festival by the authorities.

The authorities banned Kambuzia Partovi, co-director and an actor in the movie, as he is a critic to the regime, and Maryam Moghaddam, the main actors in Jafar Panahi’s, under house arrest, latest film Closed Curtain from traveling. They were all banned upon their return to Iran from the Berlin Film Festival.

It is worthy to be noted that the actors submitted their passports to the Iranian authorities in the airport, that informed them, they are banned from traveling until further notice.

The Ministry of Culture considered the mentioned movie as a crime that to be punished by law. It has also protested against showing it in Berlin Film Festival. As the authorities said that the actors, the participants and the director may be subject to the penalty of law.

ANHRI said that “preventing the actors in addition to the confiscation of their passports due to participating in a movie, is a serious violation to the freedom of expression. It is also a serious violation to human rights”.

ANHRI added “harassing the intellectuals, creators and artists by the authorities after the holding Jafar under house arrest, is an active pursue from the regime to silence the voices of the opposition in particularly as Patrovi, an actor and co-director in the movie, is one of the regime critics”.

ANHRI demands lifting the travel ban and giving back all the passports of the actors and allow them to travel upon their discrete in addition to stop harassing the intellectuals. ANHRI demands to release the director “Jafar” and end his house arrest.

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