Iraq: the Government Must Form a Neutral Committee to Investigate Allegations of Rape and Troture to a Female Writer in the Prison

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), demands from the Iraqi government to form a neutral committee to investigate the allegations of a female Iraqi writer, in which she said that she was repeatedly raped, tortured and verbal abuse during being in the Iraqi prisons due to writing critics articles to the government of the prime minister “Nouri Al-Malki”.

The writer that is known by “Heba El-Samiri” had published an article on the Internet in which she revealed that the secret behind her disappear all of these years because she was in the Iraqi prisons due to critics articles in which she criticized the prime minister “Nouri Al-Malki” of Iraq and his government. She had also revealed the name she was known by is a nickname and her real name is “Hanan El-Meshadani” and she is a doctor and she doesn’t work as a journalist. She had also asserted on  that during her languishing in the prison she was repeatedly raped, tortured, physically assaulted; beat and kicked, and verbally assaulted.

ANHRI said that “if the allegations of the Iraqi female writer, then we are facing a serious violation and a crime that can’t be tolerated. The female writer said she was in the prison due to using her natural right to freely expresses her opinions and critics the government of her country. It isn’t clear that if she was imprisoned through the legal procedures or she was illegally imprisoned, which is a enforced disappearance that to be added to the series of the crimes; that were alleged by the writer against the authorities.

ANHRI added that “Although the record Iraqi central government or regions governments in  violating the press freedom, attacks on journalists and media professionals and intellectuals place Iraq among the most dangerous for press work and opposition writings, but we do not rush to condemn the Iraqi government based on allegations that aren’t not investigated yet,but we emphasize on that these allegations are so serious and requires urgent neutral and transparent investigation, to reveal the truth or lie of the allegations made by the female writer”.

ANHRI demands from the Iraqi government to quickly investigate the circumstances of imprisoning “Hanan” and to publish the details of her trial and allow observers from inside and outside Iraq to participate in the fact find- committee to investigate the allegations of rape, torture and other. ANHRI repeated its claims the former Iraqi authorities to respect the Iraqi Constitution provisions and the international treaties and charters in which Iraq is a signatory, which all guarantee the freedom of access to information through press and media enjoy the freedom and Independence in addition to providing the protection from the assault and various restrictions forms whether from the government or other bodies.

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