Ireland deports bedoons who tore own passports

KUWAIT: Two bedoon brothers were taken to the Criminal Investigations Department after returning to Kuwait from Ireland where they reportedly headed to seek political asylum. The men tore their article 17 Kuwaiti passports and demanded asylum on the basis that they were subjected to persecution in Kuwait, according to the Irish authorities’ report. The two claimed they had lost their passports, but Irish police took reports of eyewitnesses who said that they saw them tearing their documents. The two were put back on a plane that had brought them from the United Arab Emirates where they had transited after a flight from Kuwait. They arrived at the Kuwait International Airport Tuesday and taken in police’s custody for questioning. A letter was sent to the General Department for Citizenship and Passports in the meantime containing a recommendation to include the two brothers on the blacklist of bedoons not allowed to obtain temporary passports for emergency travel.

Car thieves Taima police arrested two brothers employed at the Interior Ministry who helped a police officer steal an impounded sports car that was being towed on Salmi Road. A tow truck driver had filed a case on Monday stating that a policeman who accompanied him to move the car to another location had stolen the vehicle with help of five people after he was pulled over on Salmi Road. Police identified one of the suspects and arrested him on Tuesday. They arrested his brother later the same day, and identified a third suspect who works in the Ministry of Defense. A search is ongoing for the third suspect, as well as two women that the truck driver claimed were accompanying the suspects during the theft. Police also found the stolen vehicle and a 7mm gun with the second suspect.

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