Isma3ni: Open Mic

Isma3ni is an monthly open mic night features all types of artists from comedians and musicians to storytellers and poets. Every open mic night has 15 performers and everyone gets a 5 minute time slot. I haven’t been to any yet (they’re held inside an argeela place) but my friend went to the last two and said it was pretty entertaining. The next Isma3ni event is going to be this coming Friday. Below are the details:

Date: Friday March 22nd, 2013
Time: 7PM to 9:30PM
Ticket: 5KD, includes free drink
Location: Argeela Bar, Salmiya
Keep AUK parking lot on your right and on Salem al Mubarak Street you will see a building with a sign that says ‘DJ Spikes’ on your left. That is Amar Plaza where Argeela Bar is located

For more information visit the Isma3ni event site [Here]
Here is the link to their Facebook page [Link]

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