Kuwait: ANHRI Denounces Imprisoning two of the Bloggers on Charges of Insulting the Emir

Cairo March 9, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the decision of the Kuwaiti criminal court of imprisoning two of the bloggers for varying sentences on allegations of insulting the Emir.

The criminal court in the hearing held on Tuesday February 7, 2013, sentenced the blogger “Saqar El-Hashash” for two years imprisonment with labor on charges of insulting the
Emir and against the blogger “Naser El-Dihani” for 18 months imprisonment and 200 Dinars of bail to stop enforcing the rule on charges of insulting the Emir.

The prosecution pressed the charges of insulting the Emir in public and his rights and authority in addition to insulting the chair of the Emirate” through publishing and writing some words and phrases via twitter in addition to deliberately insulting the Emir by using the Mobile phones to publish insult words and phrases.

Kuwaiti authorities, recently, prosecuting hundreds of bloggers on charges of insulting the Emir and the chair of the Emirate on the background of the protests that took place in Kuwait at the end of 2012 due to protest on changing the law on parliamentary elections and call for social and political reforms in the state.

ANHRI said that “the sentence issued from the criminal court against the bloggers is a persistent violation on the freedom of expression. This wasn’t the only sentence against the bloggers as previously the sentence to imprison the blogger “Ahmed Al-Anzi” for two years for the same charge”.

ANHRI demands from the authorities to respect the freedom of expression and review its repressive laws to freedoms which cope with the international treaties and charters signed by Kuwait, instead of depending upon loose and broadened laws that allow sending the opposition to prisons. ANHRI demands the dropping all of charges pressed on the bloggers and activists, only for expressing their views peacefully.

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