Kuwait Opposition Coalition demands sweeping reforms

KUWAIT: The Opposition Coalition, an umbrella of opposition groups and individuals which boycotted the past two elections, approved late Wednesday night what they called the Political Reform Program.

The approval was made by the Coalition general assembly following several hours of deliberations and the Coalition said it will announce details of the program at a press conference on Saturday. But a copy of the program obtained by Kuwait Times shows the Opposition calling for unprecedented massive democratic, legislative and constitutional reforms that would turn Kuwait into a true Western-style full parliamentary system.

The program calls for amending 12 articles of the 1962 constitution to adopt political parties, change the election system, prevent unelected ministers from voting in the assembly and raising the assembly membership from 50 to 75 MPs. The new election system proposed in the program is based on a party system under which the party that wins the largest number of seats will be assigned to form the cabinet which must obtain the assembly confidence.

The program also suggested deep changes in 17 key legislation and the creation of new laws like a legislation for political parties, combating corruption, a judiciary independence law and others.

By B Izzak

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