Kuwait: the Authorities Bans a Video Editor from Editing Videos

Cairo February 17, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the authorities of forcing the video editor known on twitter as “ 7MGAN the lover of the Oppressed people” from editing any other videos.

The stateless activist known as “7MGAN@” on twitter, as he mentioned that he was banned from editing any new videos to support the case of the stateless in Kuwait after the authorities practiced pressure on him that amounted the assault, beat, custody and practiced pressure on his father in order to stop his activity and force him to sign the declaration of not designing a video again.

The activist added that he changed his youtube channel password without looking, so he can’t reach it again.

ANHRI said that “the forcing of the stateless activist by the authorities to leave his activity in editing the videos that support the demands of the stateless, is a serious violation to his personal right to express his opinion via Internet. Such violation should be added to the violations that are committed by the authorities against the stateless activists and bloggers and against the Kuwaiti bloggers and activists as the authorities harass more than 200 activists and bloggers due to using the social networks to express their opinions”.

ANHRI demanded from the authorities to respect the freedom of expression and not to harass the activists and bloggers on the background of their peaceful activity to call for political and social reforms in Kuwait.

ANHRI demand from the authorities to reveal the entity that forced the blogger to stop his editing videos and bring him to the investigation authorities.
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