Kuwaiti lawmakers successful – National rights commission in the offing

local1GENEVA: The Kuwaiti delegation of lawmakers were successful in their interlocution with UNCHR experts here over the establishment of a national human rights commission in Kuwait, said an NGO official, in a statement yesterday. Chief Executive Officer of the Geneva Institute for Human Rights (GIHR) Nezar Abdulqader said that the Institute will prepare a new draft for the proposed law establishing the commission in Kuwait taking into account the observations the UNCHR experts made to tweak it.

He noted that the Institute will organize a roundtable discussion to which the visiting Kuwaiti lawmakers and representatives of national human rights commissions from a variety of countries, which share with Kuwait cultural and political common denominators, will be invited to review the experiences of these countries in the drafting of the law to establish a bona-fide national human rights commission in Kuwait.

Chairman of the human rights committee at Kuwait’s national assembly and a member of the Kuwaiti lawmakers’ delegation seeking UNCHR expertise as well as GIHR’s counsel in that regard, MP Faisal Al-Dwaisan said that the delegation has seen the wisdom and usefulness of eliciting the opinions of the experts in the field before embarking on the establishment of the draft law for the commission in Kuwait.

He emphasized Kuwait’s earnestness in establishing the commission in keeping with promises it made four years ago to do so, noting that it would be a seminal achievement for the Gulf country. UNCHR welcomed on Thursday the draft proposal by the Kuwaiti parliament to establish a national human rights commission based on what is known as the Paris Principles.

A delegation of Kuwaiti lawmakers presented the draft proposal to the UNCHR, whose regional representative in the Middle East Dr Abdul-Salam Ahmad said that the UN agency will work closely with Kuwaiti lawmakers to ensure that a prim-and-proper national commission is established in Kuwait.

The current chairman of the human rights committee in Kuwait’s national assembly, Faisal Al-Duwaisan, said here that the delegation in charge of the proposal learned a few important aspects from the UNCHR that were missing in the proposal and that he and his colleagues were appreciative of the UN agency’s help in that regard.

He said any tweaking by the UN agency’s experts will be taken back home and studied thoroughly, noting that Kuwaiti lawmakers were keen on establishing their commission along the most recognized international standards espoused by the Paris Principles.

The Paris Principles were defined at the first International Workshop on National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights held in Paris in 1991. They were adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Commission in 1992, and by the UN General Assembly in 1993. The Paris Principles relate to the status and functioning of national institutions for the protection and promotion of human rights.

In addition to exchanging views on existing arrangements, the workshop participants drew up a comprehensive series of recommendations on the role, composition, status and functions of national human rights institutions. — KUNA

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