Kuwaitization, work efficiency

According to a recent report, Kuwait University informed a number of expatriate workers that they were relieved of their duties as per the instructions of the Civil Service Commission. The decision, whose objective is to appoint Kuwaiti employees in their place, went into effect despite attempts from the Ministry of Education to postpone it.

I am not a supporter of the ‘Kuwaitization’ policy, to be honest. But if it has to be done, the most important thing before Kuwait University or any state department makes the decision to replace expatriate employees with Kuwaiti workers is to first make sure that those nationals are qualified for the jobs they are handling.

The reality says however that Kuwaitis are the majority when it comes to taking sick leaves and malingering, compared to hardworking expatriates. Not to mention work efficiency. It is not a secret that work at all state departments is done by expatriates with some contributions from a few Kuwaitis! This is the truth.

If the state goes ahead with the Kuwaitization policy, then we can expect a big catastrophe as long as the Kuwaiti employee continues to be ‘spoiled’ instead of being prepared properly to become a productive worker. The government is required today to figure out what it needs, which is something that I doubt it knows.

The government wants to solve the problem of unemployment at the expense of work efficiency, and that’s a disaster. The government makes decisions without work plans, and the result is the chaos that the state has been going through for years.

When the government decides to replace expatriates with Kuwaiti employees, it should first select those who are best qualified for the job, instead of cramming them here and there. Kuwait without expatriates will be going through a dark tunnel.

Not only because they are more qualified than us, but also because we are worse than them!

—Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Osama Safar

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