Middle East peace process

Labeed Abdal

Labeed Abdal

Reports suggesting that peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis have reached a dead end are telling what has already been a foregone conclusion. The Israeli government wasted the roadmap and other opportunities by failure to adhere to United Nations resolutions.

The United Nations has approved Palestinians’ right of self-determination, return to their ancestors’ lands, end of settlement building on Palestinian territories and release of prisoners held unjustly.

However, resolutions guaranteeing those rights continue to be ignored by the Israeli side. The Israeli government cannot honor promises to continue with the peace process which it gave to US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon before him, as long as the idea of peace is still rejected by many political parties and groups in Israel.

The Israeli prime minister cannot go against the wish of those movements. Meanwhile, the Palestinian government would be making a good move by signing 15 international treaties in the UN, including the Geneva Conventions and the International Criminal Court (ICC). It is a step in the right direction to have the ICC oversee any crimes or violations to international law committed by both parties, and settle disputes without armed struggle that leads to civilian casualties.

By Labeed Abdal

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